.create tables.create tables

创建新的空表作为批量操作。Creates new empty tables as a bulk operation.

该命令必须在特定数据库的上下文中运行。The command must run in context of a specific database.

需要数据库用户权限Requires Database user permission.


.create tables TableName1 ([columnName:columnType], ...) [, TableName2 ([columnName:columnType], ...) ... ] .create tables TableName1 ([columnName:columnType], ...) [, TableName2 ([columnName:columnType], ...) ... ]

如果已经存在任何表,命令将返回成功。If any table already exists, the command will return success.


.create tables
  MyLogs (Level:string, Timestamp:datetime, UserId:string, TraceId:string, Message:string, ProcessId:int32),
  MyUsers (UserId:string, Name:string)