.drop function.drop function

删除数据库中的某个函数。Drops a function from the database. 若要删除数据库中的多个函数,请参阅 .drop functionsFor dropping multiple functions from the database, see .drop functions.


.drop function FunctionName [ifexists].drop function FunctionName [ifexists]

  • ifexists:如果已指定,则更改命令的行为,以便不会因不存在的函数而失败。ifexists: If specified, modifies the behavior of the command to not fail for a non-existent function.
输出参数Output parameter 类型Type 说明Description
名称Name StringString 删除的函数的名称The name of the function that was removed


.drop function MyFunction1

.drop functions.drop functions

删除数据库中的多个函数。Drops multiple functions from the database.


.drop functions ( FunctionName1 , FunctionName2 ,..) [ifexists].drop functions ( FunctionName1 , FunctionName2 ,..) [ifexists]


此命令返回数据库中剩余函数的列表。This command returns a list of the remaining functions in the database.

输出参数Output parameter 类型Type 说明Description
名称Name StringString 函数的名称。The name of the function.
parametersParameters StringString 函数所需的参数。The parameters required by the function.
正文Body StringString (零个或多个)let 语句,后跟有效的 CSL 表达式,该表达式在函数调用时求值。(Zero or more) let statements followed by a valid CSL expression that is evaluated upon function invocation.
文件夹Folder StringString 用于 UI 函数分类的文件夹。A folder used for UI functions categorization. 此参数不会更改调用函数的方式。This parameter doesn't change the way the function is invoked.
DocStringDocString StringString 用于 UI 目的的函数说明。A description of the function for UI purposes.

需要函数管理员权限Requires function admin permission.


.drop functions (Function1, Function2, Function3) ifexists