.drop materialized-view.drop materialized-view

删除具体化视图。Drops a materialized view.

需要数据库管理员或具体化视图管理员权限。Requires Database Admin or materialized view admin permissions.


.drop materialized-view MaterializedViewName.drop materialized-view MaterializedViewName


propertiesProperty 类型Type 说明Description
MaterializedViewNameMaterializedViewName 字符串String 具体化视图的名称。Name of the Materialized View.


此命令返回数据库中的其余具体化视图,这是 show materialized view 命令的输出。The command returns the remaining materialized views in the database, which is the output of the show materialized view command.


.drop materialized-view ViewName


输出参数Output parameter 类型Type 说明Description
名称Name StringString 具体化视图的名称。The name of the materialized view.
SourceTableSourceTable 字符串String 具体化视图的源表。The source table of the materialized view.
查询Query StringString 具体化视图查询。The materialized view query.
MaterializedToMaterializedTo datetimedatetime 源表中的最大具体化 ingestion_time() 时间戳。The max materialized ingestion_time() timestamp in source table. 有关详细信息,请参阅具体化视图的工作原理For more information, see how materialized views work.
LastRunLastRun datetimedatetime 上次运行具体化的时间。The last time materialization was run.
LastRunResultLastRunResult StringString 上次运行的结果。Result of last run. 如果运行成功,则返回 Completed,否则返回 FailedReturns Completed for successful runs, otherwise Failed.
IsHealthyIsHealthy boolbool 当视图被认为正常时为 True,否则为 FalseTrue when view is considered healthy, False otherwise. 如果视图在最后一小时之前被成功地具体化(MaterializedTo 大于 ago(1h)),则认为它是正常的。View is considered healthy if it was successfully materialized up to the last hour (MaterializedTo is greater than ago(1h)).
IsEnabledIsEnabled boolbool 如果视图已启用,则为 True(请参阅禁用或启用具体化视图)。True when view is enabled (see Disable or enable materialized view).
文件夹Folder stringstring 具体化视图文件夹。The materialized view folder.
DocStringDocString stringstring 具体化视图的文档字符串。The materialized view doc string.
AutoUpdateSchemaAutoUpdateSchema boolbool 视图是否已启用自动更新。Whether the view is enabled for auto updates.
EffectiveDateTimeEffectiveDateTime datetimedatetime 视图的生效日期时间,在创建期间确定(请参阅 .create materialized-viewThe effective date time of the view, determined during creation time (see .create materialized-view)