.show databases.show databases

返回一个表,其中的每条记录都与该用户有权访问的群集中的某个数据库相对应。Returns a table in which every record corresponds to a database in the cluster that the user has access to.

有关显示上下文数据库属性的表,请参阅 .show databaseFor a table that shows the properties of the context database, see .show database.


.show databases.show databases

输出架构Output schema

列名称Column name 列类型Column type 说明Description
DatabaseNameDatabaseName string 附加到群集的数据库的名称The name of the database attached to the cluster
PersistentStoragePersistentStorage string 数据库的持久存储“根”。The persistent storage "root" of the database. 仅供内部使用For internal use only
版本Version string 数据库的版本。The version of the database. 仅供内部使用For internal use only
IsCurrentIsCurrent bool 此数据库是否为请求的数据库上下文Whether this database is the database context of the request
DatabaseAccessModeDatabaseAccessMode string ReadWriteReadOnlyReadOnlyFollowingReadWriteEphemeral 之一One of ReadWrite, ReadOnly, ReadOnlyFollowing, or ReadWriteEphemeral
PrettyNamePrettyName string 数据库的易记名称(如果有)The pretty name of the database, if any
ReservedSlot1ReservedSlot1 bool 保留。Reserved. 仅供内部使用For internal use only
数据库 IDDatabaseId guid 数据库的全局唯一标识符。A globally unique identifier for the database. 仅供内部使用For internal use only