.show database cache query_results.show database cache query_results

返回一个表,显示针对上下文数据库的查询结果缓存有关的统计信息。Returns a table showing statistics related to the query results cache made against the context database.


.show database cache query_results


输出参数Output parameter 类型Type 说明Description
NodeIdNodeId string 群集节点的标识符。Identifier of the cluster node.
命中数Hits long 缓存命中次数。The number of cache hits.
未命中数Misses long 缓存失误次数。The number of cache misses.
CacheCapacityInBytesCacheCapacityInBytes long 缓存容量(以字节为单位)。The cache capacity in bytes.
UsedBytesUsedBytes long 缓存使用的空间。The cache used space.
计数Count long 缓存中存储的唯一查询结果的数量。The number of unique query results stored in the cache.