针对表记录的谓词,用于将记录的引入时间与数据库游标值进行比较。A predicate over the records of a table to compare their ingestion time against a database cursor.


cursor_before_or_at ( RHS )cursor_before_or_at ( RHS )


  • RHS:空字符串文本或有效的数据库游标值。RHS: Either an empty string literal, or a valid database cursor value.


bool 类型的标量值,指示记录的引入时间是否在数据库游标 RHS 之前或之时 (true) 或非 (false)。A scalar value of type bool that indicates whether the record was ingested before or at the database cursor RHS (true) or not (false).


有关数据库游标的其他详细信息,请参阅数据库游标See database cursors for additional details on database cursors.

只能对已启用 IngestionTime 策略的表记录调用此函数。This function can only be invoked on records of a table which has the IngestionTime policy enabled.

Azure Monitor 不支持此功能This capability isn't supported in Azure Monitor