bool 数据类型The bool data type

bool (boolean) 数据类型可能具有以下两种状态之一:truefalse(内部编码分别为 10)以及 NULL 值。The bool (boolean) data type can have one of two states: true or false (internally encoded as 1 and 0, respectively), as well as the null value.

bool 文本bool literals

bool 数据类型具有以下文本:The bool data type has the following literals:

  • truebool(true):表示真true and bool(true): Representing trueness
  • falsebool(false):表示假false and bool(false): Representing falsehood
  • bool(null):请参阅 NULL 值bool(null): See null values

bool 运算符bool operators

bool 数据类型支持以下运算符:equality (==)、inequality (!=)、logical-and (and) 和 logical-or (or)。The bool data type supports the following operators: equality (==), inequality (!=), logical-and (and), and logical-or (or).