对系列应用快速傅立叶逆变换 (IFFT)。Applies the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) on a series.

series_ifft() 函数接受频域中的一系列复数,使用快速傅立叶变换将其变换回时间/空间域。The series_ifft() function takes a series of complex numbers in the frequency domain and transforms it back to the time/spatial domain using the Fast Fourier Transform. 此函数是 series_fft 的互补函数。This function is the complementary function of series_fft. 通常,原始序列会变换为用于频谱处理的频域,然后再变换回时间/空间域。Commonly the original series is transformed to the frequency domain for spectral processing and then back to the time/spatial domain.


series_ifft(fft_real [, fft_imaginary])series_ifft(fft_real [, fft_imaginary])


  • fft_real:数值的动态数组,表示要变换的序列的实数部分。fft_real: Dynamic array of numeric values representing the real component of the series to transform.
  • fft_imaginary:一个类似的动态数组,表示序列的虚数部分。fft_imaginary: A similar dynamic array representing the imaginary component of the series. 此参数是可选参数,仅当输入序列包含复数时才应指定它。This parameter is optional and should be specified only if the input series contains complex numbers.


此函数以两个序列返回复合反向 fft。The function returns the complex inverse fft in two series. 第一个序列表示实数部分,第二个序列表示虚数部分。The first series for the real component and the second one for the imaginary component.


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