todynamic(), toobject()todynamic(), toobject()

string 解释为 JSON 值并以 dynamic 形式返回值。Interprets a string as a JSON value and returns the value as dynamic.

当需要提取 JSON 复合对象的多个元素时,使用它比使用 extractjson() 函数更好。It is superior to using extractjson() function when you need to extract more than one element of a JSON compound object.

parse_json() 函数的别名。Aliases to parse_json() function.


尽可能首选使用 dynamic()Prefer using dynamic() when possible.


todynamic(json) toobject(json)todynamic(json) toobject(json)


  • json:JSON 文档。json : A JSON document.


json 指定的 dynamic 类型对象。An object of type dynamic specified by json .