Kusto 资源管理器代码重构Kusto Explorer Code Refactoring

与其他 IDE 类似,Kusto.Explorer 为 KQL 查询编辑和重构提供了几个功能。Similar to other IDEs, Kusto.Explorer offers several features to KQL query editing and refactoring.

变量名或列名重命名Rename variable or column name

单击“查询编辑器”窗口中的 Ctrl+RCtrl+R,可重命名当前选定的符号。Clicking Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R in the Query Editor window will allow you to rename currently selected symbol.

请参阅下面的快照,其中展示了相应体验:See below snapshot that demonstrates the experience:

替换文字alt text

将标量作为 let 表达式提取Extract scalars as let expressions

通过单击 Alt+Ctrl+M,可以将当前选定的文本提升为 let 表达式。You can promote currently selected literal as let expression by clicking Alt+Ctrl+M.

替换文字alt text

将表格语句提取为 let 表达式Extract tabular statements as let expressions

还可以通过选择表格表达式的文本,然后单击 Alt+Ctrl+M,将其提升为 let 语句。You can also promote tabular expressions as let statements by selecting its text and then clicking Alt+Ctrl+M.

替换文字alt text