Azure 数据工厂白皮书Azure Data Factory whitepapers

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可以通过这些白皮书更深入地了解 Azure 数据工厂。Whitepapers allow you to explore Azure Data Factory at a deeper level. 本文提供了 Azure 数据工厂的可用白皮书的列表。This article provides you with a list of available whitepapers for Azure Data Factory.

白皮书Whitepaper 说明Description
Azure 数据工厂 - 云中的数据集成Azure Data Factory—Data Integration in the Cloud 此白皮书介绍了如何使用 Azure 数据工厂构建现代数据仓库、启用高级分析以驱动智能 SaaS 应用程序并将你的 SQL Server Integration Services 包提升到 Azure。This paper describes how Azure Data Factory can enable you to build a modern data warehouse, enable advanced analytics to drive intelligent SaaS applications and lift your SQL Server Integrations Services packages to Azure.
使用 Azure 数据工厂将数据从本地关系数据仓库迁移到 AzureData Migration from on-premises relational Data Warehouse to Azure using Azure Data Factory 此白皮书讨论了使用 Azure 数据工厂将数十 TB 数据从现有的本地关系数据仓库(例如 Netezza、Oracle、Teradata、SQL Server)迁移到 Azure(例如 Blob存储或 Azure Data Lake Storage)的复杂性。This paper addresses the complexity of migrating tens of TB data from existing on-premises relational data warehouse (for example, Netezza, Oracle, Teradata, SQL server) to Azure (for example, Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage) using Azure Data Factory. 围绕通过 Azure 数据工厂实现的到 Azure 的大数据引入之旅的恢复能力、性能、可伸缩性、管理和安全性介绍了各种难题和最佳做法。The challenges and best practices are illustrated around resilience, performance, scalability, management, and security for the big data ingestion journey to Azure by Azure Data Factory.
使用 Azure 数据工厂实现 SAP 数据集成SAP data integration using Azure Data Factory 本文总结了 Azure 数据工厂当前对 SAP 数据集成的支持,包括目标方案、SAP 连接器选项和针对不同要求的比较,以及对数据工厂中每个 SAP 连接器的介绍。This paper summarizes Azure Data Factory's current support on SAP data integration, including target scenario, SAP connector options and comparison for different requirements, and introduction on each SAP connector in Data Factory.
Azure 数据工厂:云中的 SSISAzure Data Factory: SSIS in the Cloud 此白皮书介绍了为什么要将现有的 SSIS 工作负荷迁移到 Azure 数据工厂,并讨论了常见的注意事项和顾虑。This paper goes over why you would want to migrate your existing SSIS workloads to Azure Data Factory and address common considerations and concerns. 然后,我们将引导你了解创建 Azure-SSIS IR 的技术详细信息,然后将展示如何使用你可能熟悉的工具(例如 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS))通过 Azure 数据工厂上传、执行和监视你的程序包。We'll then walk you through the technical details of creating an Azure-SSIS IR and then show you how to upload, execute, and monitor your packages through Azure Data Factory using the tools you are probably are familiar with like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
Azure 数据工厂 - 传递参数Azure data Factory –Passing Parameters 本文逐步讲解如何在管道和活动之间以及活动之间传递参数。This article walks you through how to pass parameters between a pipeline and activity as well as between the activities.