Delta EngineDelta Engine

Delta Engine 是与 Apache Spark 兼容的高性能查询引擎,提供了一种高效的方式来处理数据湖中的数据,包括存储在开源 Delta Lake 中的数据。Delta Engine is a high performance, Apache Spark compatible query engine that provides an efficient way to process data in data lakes including data stored in open source Delta Lake. Delta Engine 优化可加快数据湖操作速度,并支持各种工作负载,从大规模 ETL 处理到临时交互式查询均可。Delta Engine optimizations accelerate data lake operations, supporting a variety of workloads ranging from large-scale ETL processing to ad-hoc, interactive queries. 其中许多优化都自动进行;只需要通过将 Azure Databricks 用于数据湖即可获得这些 Delta Engine 功能的优势。Many of these optimizations take place automatically; you get the benefits of these Delta Engine capabilities just by using Azure Databricks for your data lakes.