IP 地址限制阻止创建群集IP address limit prevents cluster creation


群集创建失败,当你将鼠标悬停在群集状态上时,会显示有关云提供程序错误的消息。Cluster creation fails with a message about a cloud provider error when you hover over cluster state.

Cloud Provider Launch Failure: A cloud provider error was encountered while setting up the cluster.

查看群集事件日志以获取更多详细信息时,会看到一条有关 publicIPAddresses 限制的消息。When you view the cluster event log to get more details, you see a message about publicIPAddresses limits.

ResourceQuotaExceeded Azure error message: Creating the resource of type 'Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses' would exceed the quota of '800' resources of type 'Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses' per resource group. The current resource count is '800', please delete some resources of this type before creating a new one.'


Azure 订阅存在公共 IP 地址限制,这会限制你可以使用的公共 IP 地址数。Azure subscriptions have a public IP address limit which restricts the number of public IP addresses you can use. 这是硬性限制。This is a hard limit. 如果尝试启动的群集会导致帐户超出公共 IP 地址配额,则群集启动会失败。If you try to start a cluster that would result in your account exceeding the public IP address quota the cluster launch will fail.


你可以释放资源或请求为帐户增加配额。You can either free up resources or request a quota increase for your account.

  • 停止非活动群集以释放要使用的公共 IP 地址。Stop inactive clusters to free up public IP addresses for use.
  • 建立 Azure 支持案例,请求为你的订阅增加公共 IP 地址配额限制。Open an Azure support case with a request to increase the public IP address quota limit for your subscription.