Databricks 运行时 Databricks runtimes

Databricks 运行时是在 Azure Databricks 群集上运行的核心组件集。Databricks runtimes are the set of core components that run on Azure Databricks clusters. Azure Databricks 提供多种类型的运行时。Azure Databricks offers several types of runtimes.

  • Databricks RuntimeDatabricks Runtime

    Databricks Runtime 包括 Apache Spark,但还添加了许多可以显著提高大数据分析可用性、性能和安全性的组件与更新。Databricks Runtime includes Apache Spark but also adds a number of components and updates that substantially improve the usability, performance, and security of big data analytics.

  • 用于机器学习的 Databricks RuntimeDatabricks Runtime for Machine Learning

    Databricks Runtime ML 是 Databricks Runtime 的变体,其中添加了多个常用机器学习库(包括 TensorFlow、Keras、PyTorch 和 XGBoost)。Databricks Runtime ML is a variant of Databricks Runtime that adds multiple popular machine learning libraries, including TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and XGBoost.

  • 用于基因组学的 Databricks RuntimeDatabricks Runtime for Genomics

    用于基因组学的 Databricks Runtime 是 Databricks Runtime 的变体,已针对处理基因组和生物医学数据而进行了优化。Databricks Runtime for Genomics is a variant of Databricks Runtime optimized for working with genomic and biomedical data.

  • Databricks LightDatabricks Light

    Databricks Light 为不需要由 Databricks Runtime 提供的高级性能、可靠性或自动缩放优势的作业提供了运行时选项。Databricks Light provides a runtime option for jobs that don’t need the advanced performance, reliability, or autoscaling benefits provided by Databricks Runtime.

创建群集时,可以从受支持的运行时版本中进行选择。You can choose from among the supported runtime versions when you create a cluster.

选择 Databricks 运行时Select Databricks runtime

有关每个运行时变体的内容的信息,请参阅发行说明For information about the contents of each runtime variant, see the release notes.