GraphX(旧版)图分析教程 Graph analysis tutorial with GraphX (Legacy)

本教程笔记本介绍如何使用 GraphX 执行图分析。This tutorial notebook shows you how to use GraphX to perform graph analysis. 若要运行笔记本:To run the notebook:

  1. 从 Kaggle 下载 SF Bay Area Bike Share 数据,并将其解压缩。Download the SF Bay Area Bike Share data from Kaggle and unzip it. 必须使用第三方身份验证登录到 Kaggle,或创建 Kaggle 帐户并登录到该帐户。You must sign into Kaggle using third-party authentication or create and sign into a Kaggle account.

  2. 使用创建表 UI 上传 station.csvtrip.csvUpload station.csv and trip.csv using the Create table UI.

    这些表名为 station_csvtrip_csvThe tables are named station_csv and trip_csv.

使用 GraphX 笔记本执行图分析Graph analysis with GraphX notebook

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