FSCK REPAIR TABLE(Azure Databricks 上的 Delta Lake)FSCK REPAIR TABLE (Delta Lake on Azure Databricks)

从 Delta 表的事务日志中删除无法再从基础文件系统中找到的文件条目。Removes the file entries from the transaction log of a Delta table that can no longer be found in the underlying file system. 手动删除这些文件时,可能会发生这种情况。This can happen when these files have been manually deleted.


FSCK REPAIR TABLE table_identifier [DRY RUN]
  • table_identifiertable_identifier

    • [database_name.] table_name:表名,可选择使用数据库名称进行限定。[database_name.] table_name: A table name, optionally qualified with a database name.
    • delta.`<path-to-table>`:现有 Delta 表的位置。delta.`<path-to-table>`: The location of an existing Delta table.

    返回要从事务日志中删除的文件的列表。Return a list of files to be removed from the transaction log.