Axibase 时序数据库Axibase Time Series Database

创建具有只读权限的用户组Create user group with read-only permission

  1. https://atsd_host:8443 登录到 PTSD Web 界面。Login into PTSD web interface at https://atsd_host:8443.

  2. 打开“管理”>“用户”组页面,再单击“创建” 。Open Admin > User groups page, click Create.

  3. 指定用户组名称和可选说明。Specify user group name and the optional description.

  4. 从“所有实体”向组授予读取的权限 。Grant the group Read permission from All entities.

  5. 单击“保存”按钮 。Click the Save button.

    分配权限Assign permission

创建用户Create user

  1. 打开“管理”>“用户”页面,再单击“创建” 。Open Admin > Users page, click Create.

  2. 如果需要,请指定用户名、密码和其他字段。Specify username, password, and other fields if necessary.

  3. 在“实体权限”部分,将用户作为成员添加到之前创建的用户组中。Add the user to the previously created User Group as a member in the Entity Permissions section.

  4. 单击“保存”按钮 。Click the Save button.

    创建用户Create user

创建数据源Create data source

  1. 登录 SQL Analytics Web 界面。Log in to the SQL Analytics web interface.

  2. 打开“新建数据源”页面,选择“Axibase 时序数据库”作为类型。Open the New Data Source page, select Axibase Time Series Database as type.

  3. 在配置表单上完成以下字段:Complete the following fields on the configuration form:

    名称Name 默认值Default Value 必需Required 说明Description
    用户名Username Yes 用户名。User name.
    密码Password Yes 用户密码。User password.
    指标限制Metric Limit 50005000 No 在 SQL Analytics 中以表格形式显示的 ATSD 指标最大数量。Maximum number of ATSD metrics displayed as tables in SQL Analytics.
    指标筛选器Metric Filter No 包含与表达式筛选器匹配的指标。Include metrics that match an expression filter.
    指标最小插入日期Metric Minimum Insert Date No 包含等于或大于指定日期的最后插入日期的指标。Include metrics with last insert date equal to or greater than the specified date. 支持 ISO 日期格式和 endtime 语法。ISO date format and endtime syntax is supported.
    协议Protocol httphttp Yes 连接协议。Connection protocol.
    信任 SSL 证书Trust SSL Certificate FalseFalse No 信任 SSL 证书(如果是自签名证书)。Trust SSL certificate, if the certificate is self-signed.
    主机Host localhostlocalhost No ATSD 主机名或 IP 地址。ATSD hostname or IP address.
    端口Port 80888088 No ATSD http (8088) 或 https (8443) 端口。ATSD http (8088) or https (8443) port.
    连接超时值Connection Timeout 600600 No 连接超时(秒)。Connection timeout in seconds.

    Axibase 数据源Axibase data source

  4. 保存数据源。Save the data source.

  5. 单击“测试”按钮来测试连接。Test the connection by clicking the Test button.

运行查询Run a query

测试成功后,可查询存储在 Axibase 时序数据库中的数据。Once the test is successful, you can query the data stored in Axibase Time Series Database.

运行 ATSD 查询Run ATSD query