IFileStagingProvider Interface


Provides basic file staging features.

public interface IFileStagingProvider
type IFileStagingProvider = interface
Public Interface IFileStagingProvider



The collection of ResourceFile objects that are the result of file staging.
Must be set by the IFileStagingProvider.StageFilesAsync() method.



Returns an instance of IFileStagingArtifact with whatever values the implementation requires. This will be called during file staging whenever a staging artifact has not been otherwise provided.

StageFilesAsync(List<IFileStagingProvider>, IFileStagingArtifact)

Begins an asynchronous operation to stage all of the files in the given collection. When file staging begins, all instances of IFileStagingProvider are bucketized by their implementation type. This produces one collection of instances per implementation. Each implmentation of IFileStagingProvider has a StageFilesAsync() method. That method is called once with the collection produced by the bucketization step oulined above.


Performs client-side validation on the current object.

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