JobAddParameter.JobManagerTask Property


Gets or sets details of a Job Manager task to be launched when the job is started.

public Microsoft.Azure.Batch.Protocol.Models.JobManagerTask JobManagerTask { get; set; }
member this.JobManagerTask : Microsoft.Azure.Batch.Protocol.Models.JobManagerTask with get, set
Public Property JobManagerTask As JobManagerTask

Property Value



If the job does not specify a Job Manager task, the user must explicitly add tasks to the job. If the job does specify a Job Manager task, the Batch service creates the Job Manager task when the job is created, and will try to schedule the Job Manager task before scheduling other tasks in the job. The Job Manager task's typical purpose is to control and/or monitor job execution, for example by deciding what additional tasks to run, determining when the work is complete, etc. (However, a Job Manager task is not restricted to these activities - it is a fully-fledged task in the system and perform whatever actions are required for the job.) For example, a Job Manager task might download a file specified as a parameter, analyze the contents of that file and submit additional tasks based on those contents.

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