PoolAddParameter.VmSize Property


Gets or sets the size of virtual machines in the pool. All virtual machines in a pool are the same size.

public string VmSize { get; set; }
member this.VmSize : string with get, set
Public Property VmSize As String

Property Value



For information about available sizes of virtual machines for Cloud Services pools (pools created with cloudServiceConfiguration), see Sizes for Cloud Services (http://azure.microsoft.com/documentation/articles/cloud-services-sizes-specs/). Batch supports all Cloud Services VM sizes except ExtraSmall, A1V2 and A2V2. For information about available VM sizes for pools using images from the Virtual Machines Marketplace (pools created with virtualMachineConfiguration) see Sizes for Virtual Machines (Linux) (https://azure.microsoft.com/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-linux-sizes/) or Sizes for Virtual Machines (Windows) (https://azure.microsoft.com/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-windows-sizes/). Batch supports all Azure VM sizes except STANDARD_A0 and those with premium storage (STANDARD_GS, STANDARD_DS, and STANDARD_DSV2 series).

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