Schedule.StartWindow Property


Gets or sets the time interval, starting from the time at which the schedule indicates a job should be created, within which a job must be created.

public Nullable<TimeSpan> StartWindow { get; set; }
member this.StartWindow : Nullable<TimeSpan> with get, set
Public Property StartWindow As Nullable(Of TimeSpan)

Property Value



If a job is not created within the startWindow interval, then the 'opportunity' is lost; no job will be created until the next recurrence of the schedule. If the schedule is recurring, and the startWindow is longer than the recurrence interval, then this is equivalent to an infinite startWindow, because the job that is 'due' in one recurrenceInterval is not carried forward into the next recurrence interval. The default is infinite. The minimum value is 1 minute. If you specify a lower value, the Batch service rejects the schedule with an error; if you are calling the REST API directly, the HTTP status code is 400 (Bad Request).

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