IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion<ParentT> IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion<ParentT> IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion<ParentT> Interface


The stage of the virtual machine extension definition allowing to enable or disable auto upgrade of the extension when when a new minor version of virtual machine extension image gets published.

public interface IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion<ParentT>
type IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion<'ParentT> = interface
Public Interface IWithAutoUpgradeMinorVersion(Of ParentT)
Type Parameters

The stage of the parent update to return to after attaching this definition.



WithMinorVersionAutoUpgrade() WithMinorVersionAutoUpgrade() WithMinorVersionAutoUpgrade()

Enables auto upgrade of the extension.

WithoutMinorVersionAutoUpgrade() WithoutMinorVersionAutoUpgrade() WithoutMinorVersionAutoUpgrade()

Disables auto upgrade of the extension.

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