OSProfile.AdminUsername Property


Gets or sets specifies the name of the administrator account. <br><br> Windows-only restriction: Cannot end in "." <br><br> Disallowed values: "administrator", "admin", "user", "user1", "test", "user2", "test1", "user3", "admin1", "1", "123", "a", "actuser", "adm", "admin2", "aspnet", "backup", "console", "david", "guest", "john", "owner", "root", "server", "sql", "support", "support_388945a0", "sys", "test2", "test3", "user4", "user5". <br><br> Minimum-length (Linux): 1 character <br><br> Max-length (Linux): 64 characters <br><br> Max-length (Windows): 20 characters <br><br><li> For root access to the Linux VM, see Using root privileges on Linux virtual machines in Azure<br><li> For a list of built-in system users on Linux that should not be used in this field, see Selecting User Names for Linux on Azure

public string AdminUsername { get; set; }
member this.AdminUsername : string with get, set
Public Property AdminUsername As String

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