OSProfile Class


Specifies the operating system settings for the virtual machine.

public class OSProfile
type OSProfile = class
Public Class OSProfile



Initializes a new instance of the OSProfile class.



Gets or sets specifies the password of the administrator account. <br><br> Minimum-length (Windows): 8 characters <br><br> Minimum-length (Linux): 6 characters <br><br> Max-length (Windows): 123 characters <br><br> Max-length (Linux): 72 characters <br><br> Complexity requirements: 3 out of 4 conditions below need to be fulfilled <br> Has lower characters <br>Has upper characters <br> Has a digit <br> Has a special character (Regex match [\W_]) <br><br> Disallowed values: "abc@123", "P@$$w0rd", "P@ssw0rd", "P@ssword123", "Pa$$word", "pass@word1", "Password!", "Password1", "Password22", "iloveyou!" <br><br> For resetting the password, see How to reset the Remote Desktop service or its login password in a Windows VM <br><br> For resetting root password, see Manage users, SSH, and check or repair disks on Azure Linux VMs using the VMAccess Extension


Gets or sets specifies the name of the administrator account. <br><br> Windows-only restriction: Cannot end in "." <br><br> Disallowed values: "administrator", "admin", "user", "user1", "test", "user2", "test1", "user3", "admin1", "1", "123", "a", "actuser", "adm", "admin2", "aspnet", "backup", "console", "david", "guest", "john", "owner", "root", "server", "sql", "support", "support_388945a0", "sys", "test2", "test3", "user4", "user5". <br><br> Minimum-length (Linux): 1 character <br><br> Max-length (Linux): 64 characters <br><br> Max-length (Windows): 20 characters <br><br><li> For root access to the Linux VM, see Using root privileges on Linux virtual machines in Azure<br><li> For a list of built-in system users on Linux that should not be used in this field, see Selecting User Names for Linux on Azure


Gets or sets specifies the host OS name of the virtual machine. <br><br> Max-length (Windows): 15 characters <br><br> Max-length (Linux): 64 characters. <br><br> For naming conventions and restrictions see Azure infrastructure services implementation guidelines.


Gets or sets specifies a base-64 encoded string of custom data. The base-64 encoded string is decoded to a binary array that is saved as a file on the Virtual Machine. The maximum length of the binary array is 65535 bytes. <br><br> For using cloud-init for your VM, see Using cloud-init to customize a Linux VM during creation


Gets or sets specifies the Linux operating system settings on the virtual machine. <br><br>For a list of supported Linux distributions, see Linux on Azure-Endorsed Distributions <br><br> For running non-endorsed distributions, see Information for Non-Endorsed Distributions.


Gets or sets specifies set of certificates that should be installed onto the virtual machine.


Gets or sets specifies Windows operating system settings on the virtual machine.

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