VirtualMachineScaleSetOSProfile.AdminPassword Property


Gets or sets specifies the password of the administrator account. <br><br> Minimum-length (Windows): 8 characters <br><br> Minimum-length (Linux): 6 characters <br><br> Max-length (Windows): 123 characters <br><br> Max-length (Linux): 72 characters <br><br> Complexity requirements: 3 out of 4 conditions below need to be fulfilled <br> Has lower characters <br>Has upper characters <br> Has a digit <br> Has a special character (Regex match [\W_]) <br><br> Disallowed values: "abc@123", "P@$$w0rd", "P@ssw0rd", "P@ssword123", "Pa$$word", "pass@word1", "Password!", "Password1", "Password22", "iloveyou!" <br><br> For resetting the password, see How to reset the Remote Desktop service or its login password in a Windows VM <br><br> For resetting root password, see Manage users, SSH, and check or repair disks on Azure Linux VMs using the VMAccess Extension

public string AdminPassword { get; set; }
member this.AdminPassword : string with get, set
Public Property AdminPassword As String

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