IWithFrontend<ParentT>.FromPrivateFrontend Method


Enables the rule to apply to the application gateway's private (internal) frontend. If the private frontend IP configuration does not yet exist, it will be created under an auto-generated name. If the application gateway does not have a subnet specified for its private frontend, one will be created automatically, unless a specific subnet is specified in the application gateway definition's optional settings using withExistingSubnet(...).

public Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.ApplicationGatewayRequestRoutingRule.UpdateDefinition.IWithFrontendPort<ParentT> FromPrivateFrontend ();
abstract member FromPrivateFrontend : unit -> Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.ApplicationGatewayRequestRoutingRule.UpdateDefinition.IWithFrontendPort<'ParentT>
Public Function FromPrivateFrontend () As IWithFrontendPort(Of ParentT)



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