IWithAddressSpace Interface


The stage of the virtual network update allowing to specify the address space.

public interface IWithAddressSpace : Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.Network.Update.IWithAddressSpaceBeta, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.IBeta
type IWithAddressSpace = interface
    interface IWithAddressSpaceBeta
    interface IBeta
Public Interface IWithAddressSpace
Implements IBeta, IWithAddressSpaceBeta



Explicitly adds an address space to the virtual network. Note this method's effect is additive, i.e. each time it is used, a new address space is added to the network. This method does not check for conflicts or overlaps with other address spaces. If there is a conflict, a cloud exception may be thrown after the update is applied.

WithoutAddressSpace(String) (Inherited from IWithAddressSpaceBeta)

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