IUpdate Interface


The template for a route table update operation, containing all the settings that can be modified. Call Update.apply() to apply the changes to the resource in Azure.

public interface IUpdate : Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.RouteTable.Update.IWithRoute, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.Resource.Update.IUpdateWithTags<Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.RouteTable.Update.IUpdate>, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.ResourceActions.IAppliable<Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent.IRouteTable>
type IUpdate = interface
    interface IAppliable<IRouteTable>
    interface IIndexable
    interface IUpdateWithTags<IUpdate>
    interface IWithRoute
Public Interface IUpdate
Implements IAppliable(Of IRouteTable), IUpdateWithTags(Of IUpdate), IWithRoute



Execute the update request.

(Inherited from IAppliable<T>)
ApplyAsync(CancellationToken, Boolean)

Execute the update request asynchronously.

(Inherited from IAppliable<T>)

Begins the definition of a new route to add to the route table. The definition must be completed with a call to Route.UpdateDefinitionStages.WithAttach.attach().

(Inherited from IWithRoute)

Begins the update of an existing route on this route table.

(Inherited from IWithRoute)

Removes the specified route from the route table.

(Inherited from IWithRoute)

Removes a tag from the resource.

(Inherited from IUpdateWithTags<T>)
WithRoute(String, RouteNextHopType)

Creates a non-virtual appliance route. The name is generated automatically.

(Inherited from IWithRoute)
WithRouteViaVirtualAppliance(String, String)

Creates a route via a virtual appliance.

(Inherited from IWithRoute)
WithTag(String, String)

Adds a tag to the resource.

(Inherited from IUpdateWithTags<T>)

Specifies tags for the resource as a {@link Map}.

(Inherited from IUpdateWithTags<T>)

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