VisualTile Class


This class represents the visual element of a Windows Notification tile, see for details. This class is intended for use as part of the WindowsPushMessage class.

public class VisualTile
type VisualTile = class
Public Class VisualTile



Initializes a new instance of the VisualTile class.


Initializes a new instance of the VisualTile class.



Set to true to allow Windows to append a query string to the image URI supplied in the tile notification. Use this attribute if your server hosts images and can handle query strings, either by retrieving an image variant based on the query strings or by ignoring the query string and returning the image as specified without the query string. This query string specifies scale, contrast setting, and language; for instance, a value of included in the notification becomes


A default base URI that is combined with relative URIs in image source attributes.


The TileBinding specifies a tile templates. Every notification should include one binding element for each supported tile size.


The form that the tile should use to display the app's brand.


Set to a sender-defined string that uniquely identifies the content of the notification. This prevents duplicates in the situation where a large tile template is displaying the last three wide tile notifications.


The target locale of the XML payload, specified as a BCP-47 language tags such as en-US or fr-FR. The locale specified here overrides any other specified locale, such as that in binding or visual. If this value is a literal string, this attribute defaults to the user's UI language. If this value is a string reference, this attribute defaults to the locale chosen by Windows Runtime in resolving the string.


The version of the tile XML schema this particular payload was developed for. It can have two values, 1 or 2. Version 1 requires a valid payload under the Windows 8 schema. Version 2 recognizes the new large tile templates, the new Windows 8.1 template names for existing templates, and the fallback attribute of the binding element.

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