NotificationHubDescription.IsDisabled Property


Gets of sets a value indicating if this notification hub is disabled. When true all runtime operations (i.e. registration management and sends) will return HTTP status code 403 System.Net.HttpStatusCode.Forbidden.

public bool IsDisabled { get; set; }
member this.IsDisabled : bool with get, set
Public Property IsDisabled As Boolean

Property Value


true if this notification hub is disabled; otherwise, false.



Multi-tenant applications are applications that have to push notifications to a single mobile application on behalf of multiple parties (or tenants). One pattern to achieve this goal, which achieves user isolation between tenants, is to create one hub per tenant and store application credentials at the namespace level. In these cases though, it might be required for the multi-tenant application to disable the notification hub of a particular tenant in order to avoid abuse (either resulting in service degradation for other tenants, or in extra charges for the multi-tenant application owner).

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  • <xref:Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs.NotificationHubDescription.InternalStatus>
  • <xref:System.Net.HttpStatusCode>