SqlFilter SqlFilter SqlFilter Class


Represents a filter which is a composition of an expression and an action that is executed in the pub/sub pipeline.

public class SqlFilter : Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.Filter
type SqlFilter = class
    inherit Filter
Public Class SqlFilter
Inherits Filter


A SqlFilter holds a SQL-like condition expression that is evaluated in the broker against the arriving messages' user-defined properties and system properties. All system properties (which are all properties explicitly listed on the Message class) must be prefixed with

in the condition expression. The SQL subset implements testing for existence of properties (EXISTS), testing for null-values (IS NULL), logical NOT/AND/OR, relational operators, numeric arithmetic, and simple text pattern matching with LIKE.


SqlFilter(String) SqlFilter(String) SqlFilter(String)

Initializes a new instance of the SqlFilter class using the specified SQL expression.


Parameters Parameters Parameters

Sets the value of a filter expression.

SqlExpression SqlExpression SqlExpression

Gets the SQL expression.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string representation of SqlFilter.

Extension Methods

IsDefined(Object) IsDefined(Object) IsDefined(Object)

Determines if a certain property is defined or not.

IsNull(Object) IsNull(Object) IsNull(Object)

Determines if a certain property is null or not.

IsPrimitive(Object) IsPrimitive(Object) IsPrimitive(Object)

Determines if a certain property is of premitive JSON type.

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