BackupDescription.BackupCallback Property


Gets the callback to be called when the backup folder has been created locally and is ready to be moved out of the node.

public Func<Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Data.BackupInfo,System.Threading.CancellationToken,System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>> BackupCallback { get; }
member this.BackupCallback : Func<Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Data.BackupInfo, System.Threading.CancellationToken, System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>>
Public ReadOnly Property BackupCallback As Func(Of BackupInfo, CancellationToken, Task(Of Boolean))

Property Value


The backup callback function commonly used to copy the backup folder to an external location.


Backup callback function takes in BackupInfo and Cancellation token and returns a Task that represents the processing of the backup folder. Boolean returned by the backupCallback indicate whether the service was able to successfully move the backup folder to an external location. If false is returned, BackupAsync throws InvalidOperationException with the relevant message indicating backupCallback returned false. Also, backup will be marked as unsuccessful.

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