ReliableStateManager.OnDataLossAsync Property


Set this property to receive notification when this IStateProviderReplica suspects data loss.

public Func<System.Threading.CancellationToken,System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>> OnDataLossAsync { set; }
member this.OnDataLossAsync : Func<System.Threading.CancellationToken, System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>>
Public Property OnDataLossAsync As Func(Of CancellationToken, Task(Of Boolean))

Property Value


Function called as part of suspected data loss processing.



OnDataLossAsync function takes in CancellationToken and needs to return a Task that represents the asynchronous processing of the event. Returning true indicates that the reliable state manager's state has been restored. Returning false indicates that the reliable state manager's state has not been changed.

The passed delegate should monitor the given cancellation token for cancellation requests.

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