FileListingContext FileListingContext FileListingContext Class


Provides a set of parameters for a file listing operation.

public sealed class FileListingContext : Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Shared.Protocol.ListingContext
type FileListingContext = class
    inherit ListingContext
Public NotInheritable Class FileListingContext
Inherits ListingContext


FileListingContext(Nullable<Int32>) FileListingContext(Nullable<Int32>) FileListingContext(Nullable<Int32>)

Initializes a new instance of the FileListingContext class.


Marker Marker Marker

Gets or sets the Marker value.

(Inherited from ListingContext)
MaxResults MaxResults MaxResults

Gets or sets the MaxResults value.

(Inherited from ListingContext)
Prefix Prefix Prefix

Gets or sets the Prefix value.

(Inherited from ListingContext)

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