HealthInformation.RemoveWhenExpired Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the report is removed from health store when it expires. If set to false, the report is treated as an error when expired. false by default.

public bool RemoveWhenExpired { get; set; }
member this.RemoveWhenExpired : bool with get, set
Public Property RemoveWhenExpired As Boolean

Property Value


true if the report should be removed from health store when expired; otherwise, false.


When clients report periodically, they should set RemoveWhenExpiredfalse (default). This way, is the reporter has issues (eg. deadlock) and can't report, the entity is evaluated at error when the health report expires, and this will flag the entity as Error. Periodic health clients should send reports with higher frequency than time to live to account for delays due to health client batching, message transport delays over the wire and health store processing.

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