IStateProvider Interface


Defines the behavior that a service must implement to interact with the FabricReplicator.

public interface IStateProvider
type IStateProvider = interface
Public Interface IStateProvider



Obtains context on a secondary replica after it is created and opened to send context to the primary replica.

GetCopyState(Int64, IOperationDataStream)

Obtains state on a primary replica that is required to build a secondary replica.


Obtains the last sequence number that the service has committed, also known as Logical Sequence Number (LSN).


Indicates that a write quorum of replicas in this replica set has been lost, and that therefore data loss might have occurred. The replica set consists of a majority of replicas, which includes the primary replica.

UpdateEpochAsync(Epoch, Int64, CancellationToken)

Indicates to a replica that the configuration of a replica set has changed due to a change or attempted change to the primary replica. The change occurs due to failure or load balancing of the previous primary replica. Epoch changes act as a barrier by segmenting operations into the exact configuration periods in which they were sent by a specific primary replica.

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