Azure IoT 中心设备的客户数据请求功能Customer data request features for Azure IoT Hub devices

Azure IoT 中心是一项基于 REST API 的云服务,其目标是企业客户,可以在数百万台设备和分区的 Azure 服务之间进行安全的双向通信。The Azure IoT Hub is a REST API-based cloud service targeted at enterprise customers that enables secure, bi-directional communication between millions of devices and a partitioned Azure service.


本文介绍如何删除设备或服务中的个人数据,并且可为 GDPR 下的任务提供支持。This article provides steps for how to delete personal data from the device or service and can be used to support your obligations under the GDPR. 如需关于 GDPR 的常规信息,请参阅服务信任门户的 GDPR 部分If you're looking for general info about GDPR, see the GDPR section of the Service Trust portal.

单台设备由租户管理员分配一个设备标识符(设备 ID)。Individual devices are assigned a device identifier (device ID) by a tenant administrator. 设备数据基于分配的设备 ID。Device data is based on the assigned device ID. Microsoft 不保留任何信息,也无法访问将设备 ID 与用户相关联的数据。Microsoft maintains no information and has no access to data that would allow device ID to user correlation.

在 Azure IoT 中心托管的许多设备(例如办公室调温器或工厂机器人)不是个人设备。Many of the devices managed in Azure IoT Hub are not personal devices, for example an office thermostat or factory robot. 不过,客户可以将某些设备视为可以进行个人标识的设备,并可自行保留将设备与个人绑定的个人资产或库存跟踪方法。Customers may, however, consider some devices to be personally identifiable and at their discretion may maintain their own asset or inventory tracking methods that tie devices to individuals. Azure IoT 中心将所有与设备关联的数据视为个人数据来管理和存储。Azure IoT Hub manages and stores all data associated with devices as if it were personal data.

租户管理员可以使用 Azure 门户或服务的 REST API 来处理信息请求,只需导出或删除与设备 ID 相关联的数据即可。Tenant administrators can use either the Azure portal or the service's REST APIs to fulfill information requests by exporting or deleting data associated with a device ID.

如果使用 Azure IoT 中心服务的路由功能将设备消息转发给其他服务,则若要完成给定设备的完整请求,必须由每个路由终结点的租户管理员执行数据请求。If you use the routing feature of the Azure IoT Hub service to forward device messages to other services, then data requests must be performed by the tenant admin for each routing endpoint in order to complete a full request for a given device. 如需更多详细信息,请参阅每个终结点的参考文档。For more details, see the reference documentation for each endpoint. 有关支持的终结点的详细信息,请参阅参考 - IoT 中心终结点For more information about supported endpoints, see Reference - IoT Hub endpoints.

如果使用 Azure IoT 中心服务的 Azure 事件网格集成功能,则必须由这些事件的每个订阅服务器的租户管理员执行数据请求操作。If you use the Azure Event Grid integration feature of the Azure IoT Hub service, then data requests must be performed by the tenant admin for each subscriber of these events. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用事件网格响应 IoT 中心事件For more information, see React to IoT Hub events by using Event Grid.

如果使用 Azure IoT 中心服务的 Azure Monitor 集成功能来创建资源日志,则必须由租户管理员针对存储的日志执行数据请求操作。If you use the Azure Monitor integration feature of the Azure IoT Hub service to create resource logs, then data requests must be performed by the tenant admin against the stored logs. 有关详细信息,请参阅监视 IoT 中心For more information, see Monitor IoT Hub.

删除客户数据Deleting customer data

租户管理员可以在 Azure 门户中使用 Azure IoT 中心扩展的 IoT 设备边栏选项卡来删除设备,而删除设备同时也会删除与该设备关联的数据。Tenant administrators can use the IoT devices blade of the Azure IoT Hub extension in the Azure portal to delete a device, which deletes the data associated with that device.

也可使用 REST API 对设备执行删除操作。It is also possible to perform delete operations for devices using REST APIs. 有关详细信息,请参阅服务 - 删除设备For more information, see Service - Delete Device.

导出客户数据Exporting customer data

在 Azure 门户中,租户管理员可以利用 Azure IoT 中心扩展的 IoT 设备窗格中的复制和粘贴功能来导出与设备关联的数据。Tenant administrators can utilize copy and paste within the IoT devices pane of the Azure IoT Hub extension in the Azure portal to export data associated with a device.

也可使用 REST API 对设备执行导出操作。It is also possible to perform export operations for devices using REST APIs. 有关详细信息,请参阅服务 - 获取设备For more information, see Service - Get Device.


当你使用 Microsoft 的企业服务时,Microsoft 会生成一些信息,称为系统生成的日志。When you use Microsoft's enterprise services, Microsoft generates some information, known as system-generated logs. 租户管理员无法访问或导出 Azure IoT 中心系统生成的某些日志。Some Azure IoT Hub system-generated logs are not accessible or exportable by tenant administrators. 这些日志包含在服务中执行的实际操作以及与个人设备相关的诊断数据。These logs constitute factual actions conducted within the service and diagnostic data related to individual devices.

Azure IoT 中心服务 API 的完整文档位于 IoT 中心服务 APIFull documentation for Azure IoT Hub Service APIs is located at IoT Hub Service APIs.