400027 ConnectionForcefullyClosedOnNewConnection400027 ConnectionForcefullyClosedOnNewConnection

本文介绍 400027 ConnectionForcefullyClosedOnNewConnection 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 400027 ConnectionForcefullyClosedOnNewConnection errors.


设备到云的孪生操作(如读取或修补报告的属性)或直接方法调用失败,错误代码为 400027Your device-to-cloud twin operation (such as read or patch reported properties) or direct method invocation fails with the error code 400027.


另一个客户端使用相同凭据创建了与 IoT 中心的新连接,因此 IoT 中心关闭了以前的连接。Another client created a new connection to IoT Hub using the same credentials, so IoT Hub closed the previous connection. IoT 中心不允许多个客户端使用同一组凭据进行连接。IoT Hub doesn't allow more than one client to connect using the same set of credentials.


请确保每个客户端使用其自己的标识连接到 IoT 中心。Ensure that each client connects to IoT Hub using its own identity.