403002 IoTHubQuotaExceeded403002 IoTHubQuotaExceeded

本文介绍 403002 IoTHubQuotaExceeded 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 403002 IoTHubQuotaExceeded errors.


对 IoT 中心的所有请求都失败,并出现错误 403002 IoTHubQuotaExceededAll requests to IoT Hub fail with the error 403002 IoTHubQuotaExceeded. 在 Azure 门户中,无法加载 IoT 中心设备列表。In Azure portal, the IoT hub device list doesn't load.


已超过 IoT 中心的每日消息配额。The daily message quota for the IoT hub is exceeded.


升级或增加 IoT 中心的单位数,或等待下一 UTC 日期,以刷新每日配额。Upgrade or increase the number of units on the IoT hub or wait for the next UTC day for the daily quota to refresh.

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