403006 DeviceMaximumActiveFileUploadLimitExceeded403006 DeviceMaximumActiveFileUploadLimitExceeded

本文介绍 403006 DeviceMaximumActiveFileUploadLimitExceeded 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 403006 DeviceMaximumActiveFileUploadLimitExceeded errors.


文件上传请求失败,错误代码为 403006,消息为“活动文件上传请求数不能超过 10”。Your file upload request fails with the error code 403006 and a message "Number of active file upload requests cannot exceed 10".


每个设备客户端仅限 10 个并发文件上传Each device client is limited to 10 concurrent file uploads.

如果设备在文件上传完成时没有通知 IoT 中心,则很容易超过限制。You can easily exceed the limit if your device doesn't notify IoT Hub when file uploads are completed. 此问题通常由不可靠的设备端网络引起。This problem is commonly caused by an unreliable device side network.


请确保设备可以立即通知 IoT 中心:文件上传完成Ensure the device can promptly notify IoT Hub file upload completion. 然后,尝试降低用于文件上传配置的 SAS 令牌 TTLThen, try reducing the SAS token TTL for file upload configuration.

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若要了解有关文件上传的详细信息,请参阅使用 IoT 中心上传文件使用 Azure 门户配置 IoT 中心文件上传To learn more about file uploads, see Upload files with IoT Hub and Configure IoT Hub file uploads using the Azure portal.