409002 LinkCreationConflict409002 LinkCreationConflict

本文介绍 409002 LinkCreationConflict 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 409002 LinkCreationConflict errors.


你会在日志中看到错误 409002 LinkCreationConflict 以及设备断开连接或云到设备的消息失败。You see the error 409002 LinkCreationConflict in logs along with device disconnection or cloud-to-device message failure.


通常,当 IoT 中心检测到客户端有多个连接时,会发生此错误。Generally, this error happens when IoT Hub detects a client has more than one connection. 事实上,当新的连接请求到达具有现有连接的设备时,IoT 中心会关闭与此错误有关的现有连接。In fact, when a new connection request arrives for a device with an existing connection, IoT Hub closes the existing connection with this error.

原因 1Cause 1

在最常见的情况下,单独的问题(例如 404104 DeviceConnectionClosedRemotely)会导致设备断开连接。In the most common case, a separate issue (such as 404104 DeviceConnectionClosedRemotely) causes the device to disconnect. 设备会立即尝试重新建立连接,但 IoT 中心仍会将设备视为已连接。The device tries to reestablish the connection immediately, but IoT Hub still considers the device connected. IoT 中心关闭先前的连接并记录此错误。IoT Hub closes the previous connection and logs this error.

原因 2Cause 2

设备端逻辑出现故障会导致设备在连接处于打开状态下建立连接。Faulty device-side logic causes the device to establish the connection when one is already open.


此错误通常表现为一个不同的暂时性问题的副作用,因此请查看日志中的其他错误以进一步排除故障。This error usually appears as a side effect of a different, transient issue, so look for other errors in the logs to troubleshoot further. 否则,请确保仅在连接断开时才发出新的连接请求。Otherwise, make sure to issue a new connection request only if the connection drops.