JobExecutionInformation.withTerminateReason(String terminateReason) 方法


Set this property is set only if the job is in the completed state. If the Batch service terminates the job, it sets the reason as follows: JMComplete - the Job Manager task completed, and killJobOnCompletion was set to true. MaxWallClockTimeExpiry - the job reached its maxWallClockTime constraint. TerminateJobSchedule - the job ran as part of a schedule, and the schedule terminated. AllTasksComplete - the job's onAllTasksComplete attribute is set to terminatejob, and all tasks in the job are complete. TaskFailed - the job's onTaskFailure attribute is set to performExitOptionsJobAction, and a task in the job failed with an exit condition that specified a jobAction of terminatejob. Any other string is a user-defined reason specified in a call to the 'Terminate a job' operation.

public JobExecutionInformation withTerminateReason(String terminateReason)



the terminateReason value to set


the JobExecutionInformation object itself.