WebAppBase.UpdateStages.WithSiteConfigs<FluentT> 接口


The stage of the web app update allowing other configurations to be set. These configurations can be cloned when creating or swapping with a deployment slot.

public interface WithSiteConfigs<FluentT>



the type of the resource


withAutoSwapSlotName(String slotName)

Specifies the slot name to auto-swap when a deployment is completed in this web app / deployment slot.

withDefaultDocument(String document)

Adds a default document.

withDefaultDocuments(List<String> documents)

Adds a list of default documents.

withJavaVersion(JavaVersion version)

Specifies the Java version.

withManagedPipelineMode(ManagedPipelineMode managedPipelineMode)

Specifies the managed pipeline mode.

withNetFrameworkVersion(NetFrameworkVersion version)

Specifies the .NET Framework version.

withoutDefaultDocument(String document)

Removes a default document.


Turn off Java support.


Turn off Python support.

withPhpVersion(PhpVersion version)

Specifies the PHP version.

withPlatformArchitecture(PlatformArchitecture platform)

Specifies the platform architecture to use.

withPythonVersion(PythonVersion version)

Specifies the Python version.


Disables remote debugging.

withRemoteDebuggingEnabled(RemoteVisualStudioVersion remoteVisualStudioVersion)

Specifies the Visual Studio version for remote debugging.

withWebAppAlwaysOn(boolean alwaysOn)

Specifies if the VM powering the web app is always powered on.

withWebSocketsEnabled(boolean enabled)

Specifies if web sockets are enabled.