AmqpsDeviceMethods Class


public class AmqpsDeviceMethods extends AmqpsDeviceOperations

Inherited Members


convertFromProton(AmqpsMessage amqpsMessage, DeviceClientConfig deviceClientConfig)

Convert Proton message to IoTHubMessage if the message type is methods

convertToProton(Message message)

Convert IoTHubMessage to Proton message Set the message type to methods

getMessageFromReceiverLink(String linkName)

Read the message from Proton if the link name matches Set the message type to methods

iotHubMessageToProtonMessage( message)

Creates a proton message from the IoTHub message.

isLinkFound(String linkName)

Identify if the given link is owned by the operation

protonMessageToIoTHubMessage(MessageImpl protonMsg)

Converts an AMQPS message to a corresponding IoT Hub message.

sendMessageAndGetDeliveryHash(MessageType messageType, byte[] msgData, int offset, int length, byte[] deliveryTag)

Sends the given message and returns with the delivery hash if the message type is methods