FabricTransportRemotingSettings.loadFrom(String sectionName) 方法


Loads the FabricTransport settings from a sectionName specified in the configuration file Configuration File can be specified using the filePath or using the name of the configuration package specified in the service manifest . It will first try to load config using configPackageName . if configPackageName is not specified then try to load from filePath.

Remarks: The following are the parameter names that should be provided in the configuration file,to be recognizable by service fabric to load the transport settings. 1. MaxQueueSize - value in long. 2. MaxMessageSize - value in bytes. 3. MaxConcurrentCalls - value in long. 4. SecurityCredentials - SecurityCredentials value. 5. OperationTimeoutInSeconds - value in seconds. 6. KeepAliveTimeoutInSeconds

  • value in seconds.

public static FabricTransportRemotingSettings loadFrom(String sectionName)



Name of the section within the configuration file. If not found section in configuration file, it will throw ArgumentException