FabricTransportServiceRemoting 接口


Sets Fabric TCP transport as the default service remoting transport provider in the assembly.

public interface FabricTransportServiceRemoting



Gets or Sets the connect timeout in milliseconds. This settings specifies the maximum time allowed for the connection to be established.

Remarks:Default Value for ConnectTimeout Timeout is 5 seconds.


Gets or Sets the keep alive timeout in seconds. This settings is useful in the scenario when the client and service are connected via load balancer that closes the connection if it is idle for some time. If keep alive timeout is configured, the connection will be kept alive by sending ping messages at that interval.


Gets or Sets the maximum size of the remoting message in bytes. If value for this property is not specified or it is less than or equals to zero, a default value of 4,194,304 bytes (4 MB) is used.


Gets or Sets the operation timeout in seconds. If the operation is not completed in the specified time, it will be timed out. By default, exception handler of FabricTransportServiceRemotingClientFactory retries the timed out exception. It is recommended to not change the operation timeout from it's default value.