Azure 机器学习工作室(经典)PowerShell 模块PowerShell modules for Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic)

适用对象: 适用于.机器学习工作室(经典) 不适用于.Azure 机器学习APPLIES TO: Applies to.Machine Learning Studio (classic) Does not apply to.Azure Machine Learning

使用 PowerShell 模块,可采用编程方式管理工作室(经典)资源和资产,例如工作区、数据集和 Web 服务。Using PowerShell modules, you can programmatically manage your Studio (classic) resources and assets such as workspaces, datasets, and web services.

你可以使用以下三个 Powershell 模块与工作室(经典)资源进行交互:You can interact with Studio (classic) resources using three Powershell modules:

虽然这些 PowerShell 模块有一些相似之处,但每个模块都是针对特定场景设计的。Although these PowerShell modules have some similarities, each is designed for particular scenarios. 本文介绍了 PowerShell 模块之间的差异,帮助你决定选择哪些模块。This article describes the differences between the PowerShell modules, and helps you decide which ones to choose.

检查下面的支持表,查看每个模块支持哪些资源。Check the support table below to see which resources are supported by each module.

Azure PowerShell Az 和 AzureRMAzure PowerShell Az and AzureRM

Az 现在是与 Azure 交互的 PowerShell 模块,它包含 AzureRM 以前的所有功能。Az is now the intended PowerShell module for interacting with Azure and includes all the previous functionality of AzureRM. AzureRM 将继续接收 bug 修复,但它不会接收任何新的 cmdlet 或功能。AzureRM will continue to receive bug fixes, but it will receive no new cmdlets or features. Az 和 AzureRM 都管理使用 Azure 资源管理器部署模型部署的解决方案。Az and AzureRM both manage solutions deployed using the Azure Resource Manager deployment model. 这些资源包括工作室(经典)工作区和工作室(经典)新的 Web 服务。These resources include Studio (classic) workspaces and Studio (classic) "New" web services.

PowerShell 经典版可与 Az 或 AzureRM 一起安装,以处理新的和经典的资源类型。PowerShell classic can be installed alongside either Az or AzureRM to cover both "new" and "classic" resource types. 但是,不建议同时安装 Az 和 AzureRM。However, it is not recommended to have Az and AzureRM installed at the same time. 若要在 Az 和 AzureRM 之间做出选择,Microsoft 建议在未来所有部署中使用 Az。To decide between Az and AzureRM, Microsoft recommends Az for all future deployments. 如需详细了解 Az 与 AzureRM 以及迁移路径信息,请参阅 Azure PowerShell Az 简介Learn more about Az versus AzureRM and the migration path in introduction to the Azure PowerShell Az.

若要开始使用 Az,请按照 Azure Az 的安装说明操作。To get started with Az, follow the installation instructions for Azure Az.

PowerShell(经典)PowerShell classic

借助工作室(经典)PowerShell 经典模块,可管理使用经典部署模型部署的资源。The Studio (classic) PowerShell classic module allows you to manage resources deployed using the classic deployment model. 这些资源包括工作室(经典)用户资产、经典 Web 服务和经典 Web 服务终结点。These resources include Studio (classic) user assets, "classic" web services, and "classic" web service endpoints.

然而,Microsoft 建议为所有未来资源使用资源管理器部署模型,以简化资源的部署和管理。However, Microsoft recommends that you use the Resource Manager deployment model for all future resources to simplify the deployment and management of resources. 若要了解有关部署模型的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 资源管理器与经典部署一文。If you would like to learn more about the deployment models, see the Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment article.

若要开始使用 PowerShell(经典),请从 GitHub 下载发行包并按照安装说明执行操作。To get started with PowerShell classic, download the release package from GitHub and follow the instructions for installation. 这些说明解释了如何取消阻止已下载/解压缩的 DLL,然后将它导入到 PowerShell 环境。The instructions explain how to unblock the downloaded/unzipped DLL and then import it into your PowerShell environment.

PowerShell 经典版可与 Az 或 AzureRM 一起安装,以处理新的和经典的资源类型。PowerShell classic can be installed alongside either Az or AzureRM to cover both "new" and "classic" resource types.

PowerShell 支持表PowerShell support table

任务Task AzAz PowerShell 经典PowerShell classic
创建/删除工作区Create/delete workspaces 资源管理器模板Resource Manager templates
管理工作区承诺计划Manage workspace commitment plans New-AzMlCommitmentPlanNew-AzMlCommitmentPlan
管理工作区用户Manage workspace users Add-AmlWorkspaceUsersAdd-AmlWorkspaceUsers
管理 Web 服务Manage web services New-AzMlWebServiceNew-AzMlWebService
(新 Web 服务)("new" web services)
(经典 Web 服务)("classic" web services)
管理 Web 服务终结点/密钥Manage web service endpoints/keys Get-AzMlWebServiceKeyGet-AzMlWebServiceKey Add-AmlWebServiceEndpointAdd-AmlWebServiceEndpoint
管理用户数据集/已训练模型Manage user datasets/trained models Get-AmlDatasetGet-AmlDataset
管理用户体验Manage user experiments Start-AmlExperimentStart-AmlExperiment
管理自定义模块Manage custom modules New-AmlCustomModuleNew-AmlCustomModule

后续步骤Next steps

请参阅有关这些 PowerShell 模块的完整文档:Consult the full documentation these PowerShell module: