Team Data Science Process 中的项目主管任务Project lead tasks in the Team Data Science Process

本文介绍了“项目主管” 在 Team Data Science Process (TDSP) 中为其项目团队设置存储库时完成的任务。This article describes tasks that a project lead completes to set up a repository for their project team in the Team Data Science Process (TDSP). TDSP 是 Microsoft 开发的一个框架,它提供结构化的活动序列,可高效地执行基于云的预测分析解决方案。The TDSP is a framework developed by Microsoft that provides a structured sequence of activities to efficiently execute cloud-based, predictive analytics solutions. TDSP 设计用于帮助改进协作和团队学习。The TDSP is designed to help improve collaboration and team learning. 有关致力于标准化 TDSP 的数据科学团队要处理的人员角色及相关任务的概述,请参阅团队数据科学流程角色和任务For an outline of the personnel roles and associated tasks for a data science team standardizing on the TDSP, see Team Data Science Process roles and tasks.

项目主管在 TDSP 中管理各个数据科学家在特定数据科学项目中的日常活动。A project lead manages the daily activities of individual data scientists on a specific data science project in the TDSP. 下图显示了项目主管任务的工作流:The following diagram shows the workflow for project lead tasks:


本教程包括步骤 1:创建项目存储库和步骤 2:从你的团队 ProjectTemplate 存储库中播种项目存储库。This tutorial covers Step 1: Create project repository, and Step 2: Seed project repository from your team ProjectTemplate repository.

对于步骤 3:为项目创建特征工作项,和步骤4:添加项目阶段的情景,请参阅数据科学项目的敏捷开发For Step 3: Create Feature work item for project, and Step 4: Add Stories for project phases, see Agile development of data science projects.

对于步骤 5:创建并自定义存储/分析资产和共享(如有必要),请参阅创建团队数据和分析资源For Step 5: Create and customize storage/analysis assets and share, if necessary, see Create team data and analytics resources.

对于步骤 6:设置项目存储库的安全控制,请参阅添加团队成员并配置权限For Step 6: Set up security control of project repository, see Add team members and configure permissions.


本文使用 Azure Repos 来设置 TDSP 项目,因为 Microsoft 使用此方法实现 TDSP。This article uses Azure Repos to set up a TDSP project, because that is how to implement TDSP at Microsoft. 如果你的团队使用其他代码托管平台,则团队主管任务是相同的,但完成这些任务的方法可能不同。If your team uses another code hosting platform, the project lead tasks are the same, but the way to complete them may be different.


本教程假设组管理员团队主管已设置了以下资源和权限:This tutorial assumes that your group manager and team lead have set up the following resources and permissions:

  • 数据单位的 Azure DevOps 组织The Azure DevOps organization for your data unit
  • 数据科学团队的团队 项目A team project for your data science team
  • 团队模板和实用工具 存储库Team template and utilities repositories
  • 你对组织帐户的 权限,用于为项目创建和编辑存储库Permissions on your organization account for you to create and edit repositories for your project

若要克隆存储库并修改其在本地计算机或 Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) 上的内容,或者要设置 Azure 文件存储并将其装载到 DSVM,则还需要查看以下清单:To clone repositories and modify content on your local machine or Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM), or set up Azure file storage and mount it to your DSVM, you also need to consider this checklist:

  • Azure 订阅。An Azure subscription.
  • 计算机上安装的 Git。Git installed on your machine. 如果要使用 DSVM,则需预安装 Git。If you're using a DSVM, Git is pre-installed. 否则,请参阅平台和工具附录Otherwise, see the Platforms and tools appendix.
  • 如果要使用 DSVM,需要在 Azure 中创建和配置 Windows 或 Linux DSVM。If you want to use a DSVM, the Windows or Linux DSVM created and configured in Azure. 有关详细信息和说明,请参阅 Data Science Virtual Machine 文档For more information and instructions, see the Data Science Virtual Machine Documentation.
  • 对于 Windows DSVM,需要在计算机上安装 Git 凭据管理器 (GCM)For a Windows DSVM, Git Credential Manager (GCM) installed on your machine. 在 文件中,向下滚动到“下载并安装”部分,然后选择“最新安装程序” 。In the file, scroll down to the Download and Install section and select the latest installer. 从安装程序页下载 .exe 安装程序并运行它 。Download the .exe installer from the installer page and run it.
  • 对于 Linux DSVM,需要在 DSVM 上设置 SSH 公钥,并将其添加到 Azure DevOps 中。For a Linux DSVM, an SSH public key set up on your DSVM and added in Azure DevOps. 有关详细信息和说明,请参阅平台和工具附录中的“创建 SSH 公钥” 部分。For more information and instructions, see the Create SSH public key section in the Platforms and tools appendix.

在团队项目中创建项目存储库Create a project repository in your team project

若要在团队的 MyTeam 项目中创建项目存储库,请执行以下操作:To create a project repository in your team's MyTeam project:

  1. 在 https://<server name>/<organization name>/<team name>(例如上转到团队项目的“摘要”页,然后从左侧导航栏中选择“存储库” 。Go to your team's project Summary page at https://<server name>/<organization name>/<team name>, for example,, and select Repos from the left navigation.

  2. 在页面顶部选择存储库名称,然后从下拉列表中选择“新建存储库” 。Select the repository name at the top of the page, and then select New repository from the dropdown.


  3. 在“创建新存储库”对话框中,确保已在“类型”下选择“Git”。 In the Create a new repository dialog, make sure Git is selected under Type. 在“存储库名称”下输入 DSProject1,然后选择“创建”。 Enter DSProject1 under Repository name, and then select Create.


  4. 确认可以在项目设置页面上看到新的 DSProject1 存储库。Confirm that you can see the new DSProject1 repository on your project settings page.


将团队模板导入到项目存储库中Import the team template into your project repository

若要使用团队模板存储库的内容填充项目存储库,请执行以下操作:To populate your project repository with the contents of your team template repository:

  1. 在团队项目的“摘要”页上,在左侧导航栏中选择“Repos”。 From your team's project Summary page, select Repos in the left navigation.

  2. 在页面顶部选择存储库名称,然后从下拉列表中选择 DSProject1Select the repository name at the top of the page, and select DSProject1 from the dropdown.

  3. 在“DSProject1 为空” 页面上,选择“导入” 。On the DSProject1 is empty page, select Import.


  4. 在“导入 Git 存储库” 对话框中,选择“Git”作为“源类型”,然后在“克隆 URL”下输入 TeamTemplate 存储库的 URL。 In the Import a Git repository dialog, select Git as the Source type, and enter the URL for your TeamTemplate repository under Clone URL. URL 为 https://<server name>/<organization name>/<team name>/_git/<team template repository name>。The URL is https://<server name>/<organization name>/<team name>/_git/<team template repository name>. 例如: example:

  5. 选择“导入” 。Select Import. 团队模板存储库的内容将导入到项目存储库中。The contents of your team template repository are imported into your project repository.


如果需要自定义项目存储库的内容以满足项目的特定需求,你可以添加、删除或修改存储库文件和文件夹。If you need to customize the contents of your project repository to meet your project's specific needs, you can add, delete, or modify repository files and folders. 你可以直接在 Azure Repos 中进行操作,或者将存储库克隆到本地计算机或 DSVM,进行更改,然后将更新提交并推送到共享的项目存储库。You can work directly in Azure Repos, or clone the repository to your local machine or DSVM, make changes, and commit and push your updates to the shared project repository. 按照自定义团队存储库的内容中的说明进行操作。Follow the instructions at Customize the contents of the team repositories.

后续步骤Next steps

下面是 Team Data Science Process 定义的其他角色和任务的详细说明链接:Here are links to detailed descriptions of the other roles and tasks defined by the Team Data Science Process: