使用 R、Python 和 T-SQL 的 SQL Server 数据科学演练SQL Server data science walkthroughs using R, Python and T-SQL

这些演练使用 SQL Server、SQL Server R Services 和 SQL Server Python Services 进行预测分析。These walkthroughs use SQL Server, SQL Server R Services, and SQL Server Python Services to do predictive analytics. R 和 Python 代码部署在存储过程中。R and Python code is deployed in stored procedures. 它们遵循 Team Data Science Process 中所述的步骤。They follow the steps outlined in the Team Data Science Process. 有关 Team Data Science Process 的概述,请参阅数据科学过程For an overview of the Team Data Science Process, see Data Science Process.

其他执行 Team Data Science Process 的数据科学演练按所使用的 平台 分组。Additional data science walkthroughs that execute the Team Data Science Process are grouped by the platform that they use. 有关这些示例的明细,请参阅执行 Team Data Science Process 的演练See Walkthroughs executing the Team Data Science Process for an itemization of these examples.

在 SQL Server 中使用 Python 和 SQL 查询预测出租车小费Predict taxi tips using Python and SQL queries with SQL Server

使用 SQL Server 演练展示如何生成和部署机器学习分类以及回归模型。The Use SQL Server walkthrough shows how you build and deploy machine learning classification and regression models. 所用数据是公开提供的纽约市出租车行程和费用数据集。The data are a publicly available NYC taxi trip and fare dataset.

在 SQL Server 中使用 Microsoft R 预测出租车小费Predict taxi tips using Microsoft R with SQL Server

使用 SQL Server R Services 演练演示如何生成 R 模型并将其部署到 SQL Server。The Use SQL Server R Services walkthrough shows how to build and deploy an R model to SQL Server. 本演练旨在向 R 开发人员介绍 R Services(数据库内)。The walkthrough is designed to introduce R developers to R Services (In-Database).

在 SQL Server 中通过 T-SQL 或存储过程使用 R 预测出租车小费Predict taxi tips using R from T-SQL or stored procedures with SQL Server

适用于 R 和 SQL Server 的数据科学演练向 SQL 程序员提供了通过 SQL Server R Services 使用 Transact-SQL 构建高级分析解决方案以使用 R 解决方案的体验。The Data science walkthrough for R and SQL Server provides SQL programmers with experience building an advanced analytics solution with Transact-SQL using SQL Server R Services to operationalize an R solution.

在 SQL Server 存储过程中使用 Python 预测出租车小费Predict taxi tips using Python in SQL Server stored procedures

将 T-SQL 用于 SQL Server Python Services 演练向 SQL 程序员介绍了如何在 SQL Server 中生成机器学习解决方案。The Use T-SQL with SQL Server Python Services walkthrough provides SQL programmers with experience building a machine learning solution in SQL Server. 具体展示了如何将 Python 代码添加到存储过程,从而将 Python 合并到应用程序中。It demonstrates how to incorporate Python into an application by adding Python code to stored procedures.

后续步骤Next steps

有关构成 Team Data Science Process 的关键组件的讨论,请参阅 Team Data Science Process 概述For a discussion of the key components that comprise the Team Data Science Process, see Team Data Science Process overview.

有关可用于构建数据科学项目的 Team Data Science Process 生命周期的讨论,请参阅 Team Data Science Process 生命周期For a discussion of the Team Data Science Process lifecycle that you can use to structure your data science projects, see Team Data Science Process lifecycle. 生命周期概述了执行项目时,其从开始到结束所遵循的步骤。The lifecycle outlines the steps, from start to finish, that projects usually follow when they are executed.