Azure 媒体服务 v3 文档更新Azure Media Services v3 documentation updates

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本文讨论最新的媒体服务 v3 文档更新。This article talks about the most recent Media Services v3 documentation updates.

2020 年 6 月June 2020

2020 年 4 月April 2020

2020 年 3 月March 2020

添加了使用 Telestream Wirecast 实时传送视频流快速入门。The Live streaming with Telestream Wirecast quickstart was added. 它介绍如何使用 Azure 门户和 Telestream Wirecast 创建 Azure 媒体服务实时传送流。It shows you how to create an Azure Media Services live stream by using the Azure portal and Telestream Wirecast.

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